BINGE LISTEN – my first 3 episodes!

In this episode, I talk about self-fulfilling prophecies, negative money mindset outcomes, and how to work on changing your negative money mindset and expectations by practicing using money mantras. I break down the key reasons why we must change our subconscious in order to change our unhelpful money behaviours – this will be key in moving forward in your financial journey.

In this episode, I explain 5 easy and simple methods I’ve personally done to generate and set aside more cash to pay down debt or meet financial savings goals. You may come to find that you have some unknown money laying around that you had no idea about.

In this episode, I talk about my personal favourite Canadian savings and investment vehicle – the TFSA. I break down the jargon, explain why EVERYONE needs one and how it can be a HUGE help in reaching your financial goals! 

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