About Farrah

Hi, I’m Farrah Turcotte – Your Budget Bitch BFF!

I’m an online millennial money coach, podcast host, and entrepreneur. My goal is simple: to educate and guide millennial women in the importance of self-confidence and money mindset. Through this, you’ll be able to learn how to ditch debt and create wealth by utilizing the power of the mindset management and budgeting.

I went from being completely financially illiterate with thousands of dollars in debt to becoming debt-free through educating myself, managing my mindset, and budgeting. My life and attitude have changed for the better and I know yours can too. My mission is to break the money taboo and equip millennials just like you with the power of living a life you love within your means. I share the strategies I’ve built since taking control of my money mindset in free podcast episodes and the Budget Bitch News every week.

About This Site

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